Saturday, July 12, 2014

Painted Quilt

Painted Quilt
Acrylic, collage, stamping, ink, on watercolor paper, mounted on cradled wood panel, 12x12x1"
I have now amassed a stash of painted papers and like a good quilter, I wanted to combine them into a composition. There is a tiny bit of color in this one, but since it is a busy image, there seems to be enough going on to get what I want. Adding the stitching marks was just a giggle!
Working in black and white is a bit different than relying on color for impact. One has to be aware of the tremendous strength of the black and white and their dominance. I try to balance the two with gray, and smaller bits of both, while also trying not to make it too dark and brooding, which I believe this one is not.
The scribbly lines I added feel like play.

I've been 'studying' this Pinterest board Art Collage and Mixed Media as a way of learning how to do this stuff. Not that there are rules, but the look is there and I am seeing how powerful a low key composition can be. $100 Email me. SOLD


  1. I really love the work you are doing. So different from your brights but so nicely composed.

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